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How Can I Find My Forgotten Password?

by Mic Johnson

Everyone has been in this frustrating situation before. You’re trying to login to one of your favorite sites or an email that you haven’t used in some time, but you cannot remember your password. How can I find my forgotten password whenever I just can’t remember what it is?

Internet security and passwords can be overwhelming to keep track of at times. Thankfully, most sites have an easy-to-follow process for resetting your password in times like this. There are also helpful tools, like LastPass, which remembers your passwords for you so that you won’t have to.

How to Recover Forgotten Password

Whenever you have forgotten a password, follow these steps to ensure you stay safe while recovering your access to your favorite sites.

Step 1: Visit the Site Directly

The first thing you should always do when you need to reset a password is to visit the site directly. Do not enter any of your personal information until you are sure you are on the real, secure site you want to access.

Why is this so important? Hackers and spammers rely on you accidentally giving them information on fake websites. By creating links that mislead and take people to fake sites, they are able to gather information that can allow them to steal even more data. It’s easy to fall for these traps, so your best bet is to always access the site directly.

To do this, open a new browser tab, and type the home page URL directly or enter the site through Google. Never click a link and then enter your personal information.

Step 2: Reset the Password

Once you are on the site, look for the login box. Usually, there will be a prompt near the login area that says something similar to the following messages:

  • Forgot password?
  • Reset password
  • Need help?
  • Recover password

Click the message, and then enter the required information to recover your password. Usually, this involves you confirming either a text message or an email sent to your registered address. If you do not have access to these things, you will need to contact the company’s customer service for more help.

Step 3: Prevent Future Password Problems

How can I find my forgotten password…again? Do you find this happening to you often? If so, it might be time for you to take a look at your password habits and find a better way to manage the passwords you need to keep track of. It’s not fun to constantly be resetting or looking up passwords, and finding a solution to this problem might be possible.

Keep Your Passwords on Hand

Did you know that there are digital password managers you can use to help you stop forgetting your passwords? Digital password managers are a type of secure software that can help you create new passwords, store passwords, secure your credit card information, and more. This type of software is useful when you want the ease of having your passwords saved on your computer but worry about the security of doing such.

LastPass is a popular choice among those that want to use a password manager. Many LastPass reviews mention how straightforward and easy the software is to use, and it is also very secure. LastPass helps you create and keep your passwords so that your online experience can be safe and seamless as you dive into an increasingly online world.

Using a password manager may be hard to adjust to at first, especially if you aren’t very savvy with a computer. Learning how to incorporate this type of technology into your routine, however, can be a great idea for your overall comfort and safety online.

Use Stronger Passwords

Another thing you want to always keep in mind when creating online passwords is that your passwords should be strong. After continually forgetting your passwords, it can be tempting to make something that is very simple and easy to remember your next password. Don’t let that temptation prevent you from being reasonable about password creation.

Strong passwords keep you safe from online hacking attempts. Hackers who gain access to your personal information or banking sites online can do a lot of damage. All that it takes to prevent this, in many cases, is a strong password. Take the time to learn how to make a strong password and to keep these passwords secure to ensure your safety.

Don’t Remember? Hit Reset!

Remembering all of your passwords can be very stressful, but most people are able to recover or reset their passwords using the simple procedures on the sites they are trying to access. This process is easy to follow, but it doesn’t always make it easy to remember your new password.

When resetting passwords you have forgotten, it might be time to consider getting a password manager or finding another way to remember them. Always resetting your password whenever you want to access a site can be time-consuming, so look for another solution if you are spending too much time on this process.

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