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Can You Get Into a Grad School Without Taking a GRE?

by Mic Johnson

Also known as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a form of test that examines students’ capabilities for their analytical thinking and writing, abstract abilities, their vocabulary, and not to forget their numerical skills. GRE results are accepted in the US Singapore, the UK, Australia, among others. There are also business schools across the globe that will accept GRE results. As a parent, you’ll want to ensure that your child is equipped with the skills that will prepare them for the job market. 

This means knowing the requirements that go hand in hand with what they want to do later in life. Having said that, can you get into a grad school without taking a GRE?

Types of Graduate Programs That Accept Students Without GRE

Little is known of the types of graduate programs that can accept students without having a GRE. In most cases, some graduate programs will be marked “no GRE tests required”. 

Now, this is good as it will have prepared a student to take the necessary courses without having to worry about any GRE programs or tests. Did you know that there are online masters in computer science with no GRE requirements? Well, now you know. Computer science is a lucrative and promising field but one that doesn’t require that a student takes GRE. Computer science is an all involving field and one that can open you up to possibilities like no other. Among other types of graduate programs that you can enroll in with taking GRE include: 

  • Masters programs that you take online – As earlier mentioned, online computer science programs do not necessarily require that you must have taken GRE. There are so many other online masters’ programs that are not as demanding and don’t require taking a GRE test.


  • Master of fine arts (MFA) programs – If you are aiming to be an artist in the area of music, painting, creative writing, or in the theater and film industry, then you are all sorted even without GRE.

It Might Depend on Your Work Experience

The best part is that your work experience can be substituted for GRE. In most fields of work, they’ll not necessarily check whether you took a GRE, but instead, they’ll look at the experience you have in the specific area of work. If you are joining a grad school, they might check at the experiences you’ve gathered over time and waive the GRE requirements, and such fields might include homeland security policy, master in public policy, as well as some terrorism programs. Additionally, some institutions might not check your GRE. Ensure to conduct extensive research on institutions that might not require taking your GRE results.

How Not Having Your GRE Results Hurts Your Enrollment and Employment Chances

You’ll be surprised by the misconceptions out there on issues to do with getting into a grad school without taking a GRE. As mentioned in the above pointers, some programs and schools will be willing to give promising students a chance whether they have taken a GRE or not. Do not be deceived; depending on the program you’ve taken, it will not in any way hurt your chances of employment. But then again, you need to have great scores as well as have made sane and realistic decisions when choosing your grad school as well as your career path.

So, it’s a definite yes! You can join a grad school without taking a GRE. The key takeaway has to do with your choices in the graduate programs. Additionally, ensure that you’ve taken into consideration the requirements in the graduate programs you intend to take.

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