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Swiss Cloud Hosting Provider Suffered Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
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Another victim of ransomware surfaces online. The latest incident hit the cloud hosting service provider Swiss Cloud. Following the ransomware attack, Swiss Cloud services went down, for which, the firm had to struggle for restoration.

Swiss Cloud Suffered Ransomware Attack

The Switzerland-based cloud hosting provider Swiss Cloud has admitted a ransomware attack.

Through their status page, the firm disclosed having suffered a disruptive cyberattack on April 27, 2021.

Following the incident, the firm quickly worked to isolate the affected systems as the attack disrupted parts of their infrastructure.

Although, it initially remained unclear about what type of cyber attack had hit the fir. However, the subsequent updates explaining the cleaning of the system and work for restoration indicates ransomware attack.

As mentioned in the May 3, 2021, update,

After the cyber attack on April 27, work to clean up the systems and restore normal operations at swiss cloud computing ag is progressing. The backup systems can be used for recovery. Parts of the complex server network affected by the attack must first be cleaned up individually and reconfigured with the corresponding temporal effects.

Also, they explained to have involved specialists from partnering firms HPE and Microsoft to ensure through restoration.

System Restoration Underway

Following the attack, the firm worked hard to restore the services as the disruptions severely affected their customers. According to The Record, Swiss Cloud has over 6500 customers including some prominent names such as Sage.

Consequently, the latest update from the firm confirmed to have restored some of the services following the server cleanup. Whereas, they assure to make the systems available for use by May 5, 2021.

Thanks to the ongoing streamlining of the systems at swiss cloud computing ag, the myMAIL applications (e-mail, calendar, tasks, contacts) have been fully available again since Sunday evening.

From the beginning until the latest updates, Swiss Cloud has assured no data breach.

However, it has not yet disclosed any other details about the attack. For instance, the ransomware type, ransom amount, the exact mode of entry of the attackers on the company network, etc.

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