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Five Best Hacking Books That Are Still Relevant in 2021

by Mic Johnson

Out of popular demand, it is time to put together a few outstanding Hacking Books in 2021. Now,
this list doesn’t only contain Hacking Books that were released in 2021, but all worth books
spending time and attention.

“What are the best Hacking Books?” or “Do you recommend learning from books?”  “What are the most
popular ones”. We understand there are tons of possibilities and that’s why we will mention only five in this case.

A few books that are reputable and had a history of creating expert hackers.

1) Practical ways to hack mobile security- certified blackhat (1st January 2020)

Practical ways to hack mobile security is a book written by one of the most private hackers, the author’s contribution to the cybersecurity field is mostly found within deep network penetration testing and advanced mobile hacking. This book represents the same, many untraveled hacking tricks and in-depth knowledge to understand ideology to break any mobile security ethically within professional boundaries.

Anyone looking to take their skills beyond the so-called “Expert hacker” and  gain in-depth knowledge in cutting edge mobile security and the most updated hacks this book is definitely for you.

2) Methodology to unethical hacking, (21 October 2019):

The books represented here provide an insight into what hacking is all about and what its complications are in the real world. It also distinguishes between the two sides of a coin; The Black Hat and the White Hat hacker. Talking more on this book, some authorities believe this book is beyond social norms because it shows some unrevealed truths about hacking and some paradoxical myths on hacking are exposed,though this book comes as very helpful for new generation hackers & pen testers.

If you want to travel untraveled paths in hacking this book is for you !

3) Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition 1st February 2008:

As a famous quote says “old is gold” this book can be a classic example of this, this book comes with the basics of hacking through the contents of this book are old and outdated, but anyone can read this book to get a good understanding of how network hacking was started. This book covers some of the chapters explaining old ways, Program computers using C, assembly language, and shell scripts, Corrupt system memory to run arbitrary code using buffer overflows and format strings.

if you want to know early 20’s hacking theories, this book is for you !

4) The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 7 October 2011 :

The web application is one of the important assets we use regularly, this book helps a user understand how the web application works and how hackers can exploit web application using some of the traditional ways explained in this book, this book can be used to understand the web application exploits this book was penned by marcus pinto, the author should focus more on books that cover some new topics, although this book is still gold for hacking.

If you want to know web application testing, this book is for you.

5) Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker Paperback – 3 April 2012:

Mitnick is not a hacker. He’s more of a nerdy scam artist with a massive ego, Kevin’s curiosity quickly expanded into the world of phreaking, lock picking, computer hacking, and social engineering. Over time, he sharpened his skills, expanded his computer savvy, and tackled large and seemingly impossible targets. His story provides a great insight into the mind and motivation of what the world calls “hackers.”
Even though he could have gained great financial benefit from the exploits he perpetrated, he didn’t. His real motivation time and time again was the sheer thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of a difficult mission accomplished. This book can teach you about how the world’s most wanted spent his days as a teenager.
Want to know the early life of Kevin, this book is for you !

Hacking Books – Conclusion

With the help of this book, we have given you knowledge about few secrets of hacking books, we tried
our best to help you get educated about hacking, readers using these skills and knowledge acquired by
These books for malicious purposes will not be appreciated.
These books are related to ethical hacking, so analyze and figure out which one is suitable for you and
place an order to get it delivered.We always love to enlighten readers’ knowledge with our researched post.Hope for your good health and keep sharing information.

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