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Food Processing Giant JBS Foods Shut Down After Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
JBS Foods paid ransom after ransomware attack

Another report of ransomware attack has surfaced online, this time targeting JBS Foods. The firm disclosed a cyber attack recently. Yet, the White House explained that the company fell prey to an organized ransomware attack, possibly by Russian threat actors.

JBS Foods Disclose Cybersecurity Incident

The American food processing and meat-producing giant JBS Foods has admitted to having suffered a cyber attack.

As elaborated in their press release, the company detected the cyber attack on May 30, 2021, on its IT systems. Specifically, the incident affected the Australian and North American systems.

Upon detecting the attack, the company swiftly shut down the affected systems and started investigations. Also, it confirms that the incident didn’t impact customers’ or employees’ data.

While the firm did not disclose any precise details, they mentioned restoring data from the backup systems.

The company’s backup servers were not affected, and it is actively working with an Incident Response firm to restore its systems as soon as possible.

Also, the firm initially feared some delays in transactions. Yet, in a subsequent press release, JBS assured of quick resolution of the matter as they work towards bringing their systems back online. As Andre Nogueira, JBS USA CEO, stated,

Our systems are coming back online and we are not sparing any resources to fight this threat. We have cybersecurity plans in place to address these types of issues and we are successfully executing those plans. Given the progress our IT professionals and plant teams have made in the last 24 hours, the vast majority of our beef, pork, poultry, and prepared foods plants will be operational tomorrow.

Besides, the firm further assured that the incident did not affect Mexico and the UK operations.

White House Reveals Ransomware Attack on JBS Foods

While the signs already hinted of a ransomware attack on JBS Foods, the White House spokesperson has also confirmed the same. As Reuters reported, Karine Jean-Pierre, White House spokeswoman, believes Russian threat actors to be behind this attack.

The White House is engaging directly with the Russian government on this matter and delivering the message that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals.

For now, no other details are available about the motive of the attackers, any ransom demands, and data exfiltration.

Recently, a devastating ransomware attack jolted up the US fuel supply as it targeted the Colonial Pipelines. Though, law enforcement acted quickly to crackdown against the culprits, the Darkside ransomware gang.

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