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Brentagg Shared Insights About Data Stolen During The Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
Brentagg suffered ransomware attack confirm data stolen

The US chemical giant Brentagg has recently shared details of the data stolen during the ransomware attack suffered earlier this year. The firm has revealed these details after silently paying the ransom to attackers – the DarkSide gang.

Brentagg Data Stolen During Ransomware Attack

The US-based chemical giant Brentagg had faced a terrible ransomware attack in April 2021. It was one of the latest attacks conducted by the notorious DarkSide threat actors before their shutdown.

The firm, however, didn’t share any details of the incident at that time. Rather, they paid the demanded ransom amount of $4.4 million to the attackers, which surfaced online from unofficial reports.

Nonetheless, the firm didn’t deny the incident when Bleeping Computer contacted them. So, it was clear they had suffered a cyber attack.

Accordingly, Brentagg has recently disclosed the incident from its side to the customers. Specifically, in the data breach notification letters, the firm has confirmed the data theft by the attackers.

Our investigation confirmed that Brenntag systems were accessed without authorization starting on April 26, 2021, and/or that some information was taken from our system.

Regarding the details of stolen data, the firm confirmed that it included the customers’ personal details.

We have confirmed that the information taken may include your social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, and select medical information.

Nevertheless, they assured to have found no evidence of misuse of stolen data yet.

Perhaps, this might be attributed to the fact that the attackers – the DarkSide gang – were taken down by law enforcement shortly after.

While Brentagg has only listed the information belonging to its customers in the notification. However, the attackers did confirm to have stolen 150 GB of data from the Brentagg network that also included company data.

According to the details shared with the Maine Attorney General, this incident has impact 6701 individuals.

For the affectees, Brentagg offers 1 year of complimentary credit monitoring services from Experian.

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