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What are the signs of an untrustworthy website?

by Mic Johnson

Knowing how to spot untrustworthy websites is very helpful and necessary these days. Spotting scam websites is often very easy but crucial to protect yourself online. Use these tricks from a professional translation agency to recognize questionable websites or use them to implement in your own website to gain trust of your website visitors.

Look at the address bar, domain name and domain extension

To start, it is important to check the URL of the website. Fraudulent websites often contain a slight change to the original URL-name extension. Pay close attention to little typos in these domain names and check if the domain extension is right. Secondly, it is important to look at the security warnings of your browser. The upper left side of the address bar should show a little padlock. Check if the website is provided with a https instead of http. This means that the website has encryption and data is safely transferred.

Check for Security Logos

Check for quality marks that indicate the credibility of a website. But also, don’t be fooled by copied logos that are used to fake trustworthiness. Check the website of the quality mark itself and see if the organisation is truly joined.

Check contact information

Another easy way to check if a website is trustworthy is to look at the contact information. If the website doesn’t contain an “About us” page or a “Contact” page, you should already be warned.  Check if the pages contain all the necessary details like names, addresses and telephone numbers. Besides, it would be smart to check the terms and conditions and privacy policies on the website.

Use common sense

Lastly, it’s just important to use common sense and recognize suspicious elements on the website. Don’t believe anything that sounds too good to be true. Also, it is important to check for spelling and grammar mistakes on the website pages. Regular typos in the text can indicate that the translation is performed by an algorithm.

Tips for your own website

A good website translation is very important to gain the trust of your website visitors. If you want to resonate credibility it is not a bad idea to let your website translation be performed by a professional translation agency instead of an algorithm. This way it is guaranteed that your website is accurately translated and has a trustworthy appearance.

To conclude, always be careful online and make sure to follow your gut feeling. If you feel suspicious make sure to be extra careful to avoid being scammed.

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