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Schneider Electric Patched Security Bugs In EVlink Charging Stations

by Abeerah Hashim
Schneider Electric EVlink bugs

The multinational energy and automation digital solutions firm Schneider electric (SE) has disclosed some security bugs in EVlink charging stations. Exploiting those bugs could have serious implications for the charging stations, including service disruptions. The vendor has since patched the vulnerabilities.

Schneider Electric EVlink Bugs

Schneider Electric, a huge technology and energy firm in Europe, has recently shared insights about some security issues affecting its products.

According to their advisory, the firm spotted vulnerabilities in its EVlink charging stations for electric vehicles. These charging stations serve the regular customers as the go-to facility for charging their electric vehicles.

Specifically, the vendor disclosed 13 different security bugs in the EVlink products. These include EVlink City, Parking, and Smart Wallbox.

Regarding the flaws, the advisory mentions 3 critical security vulnerabilities due to hardcoded credentials (CVE-2021-22707, CVE-2021-22729, and CVE-2021-22730). Exploiting these bugs could let an adversary gain unauthorized admin access to the charging station web server.

Besides, the other vulnerabilities include 8 high-severity and 2 medium-severity bugs.

Elaborating on the potential impact upon exploiting the bugs, the vendor stated in the advisory that an adversary could tamper with the charging stations’ settings and meddle with the accounts.

Such tampering could lead to things like denial of service attacks, which could result in unauthorized use of the charging station, service interruptions, failure to send charging data records to the supervision system and the modification and disclosure of the charging station’s configuration.

Vendor Deployed The Fixes

Schneider Electric acknowledged different researchers who separately found and reported the flaws to the vendor.

Specifically, the affected EVlink products include the following,

  • City (EVC1S22P4 / EVC1S7P4)
  • Parking (EVW2 / EVF2 / EV.2)
  • Smart Wallbox (EVB1A)

Following the reports, the vendor patched all the vulnerabilities with the release of version R8 V3.4.0.1 for all the products.

Given the severity of the bugs, the vendors urged all customers to deploy the patches at the earliest.

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