Comparis Disclosed Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Another firm has suffered a cybersecurity incident. The latest report comes from the Swiss price comparison service Comparis that disclosed a data breach following a ransomware attack.

Comparis Data breach

Through a detailed update, the Swiss firm Comparis has shared insights about a ransomware attack that hit the firm recently. Comparis also suffered a data breach during the incident affecting its customers.

According to the details shared, Comparis suffered a cyberattack on July 7, 2021. The firm swiftly detected the ransomware attack and contained it by pulling its IT systems offline.

However, the attackers still got enough time apparently to pilfer the data. As stated in the update,

The attack crippled various IT systems across the Comparis Group. The website is now securely back up and running.
Unfortunately, however, detailed analyses show that the perpetrators were able to access internal customer-related data within the Comparis Group and we must assume that some data was also stolen.

The affected data includes information about Comparis customers stored in the firm’s accounts and sister companies.

What Next?

While the firm hasn’t specified the number of individuals affected in this incident, they have assured to inform the affectees.

Whereas, for the customers, Comparis advised to stay cautious of scam calls impersonating insurance services, brokers, and others.

Some individuals have taken it upon themselves to exploit the hacker attack. They are calling people at random. Do not under any circumstances agree to any offers they may make, but report the incident to the National Cyber Security Centre. At the moment, we are assuming that these calls are random and have nothing to do with any theft of data.

Also, they urge all users to reset their account passwords.

For now, the details about the threat actors, the amount demanded as ransom, and other information remains unclear. Comparis has also not elaborated on whether they have paid the ransom to the attackers or not. All they mentioned is the recovery of their website following the attack.

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