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How to Monitor Your Child’s Phone

by Mic Johnson

If you want to keep track of your children’s device activity in the current day, you’ll need a parental control solution that works effectively on mobile platforms as well as PCs.

Kids might get into all kinds of trouble with their mobile phones (or tablet devices), either on purpose or by mistake.

Some may argue they spend too much time looking at a screen each day, or they visit age-inappropriate websites and applications. In any event, a decent parental control application may help you regain control and keep a close eye out for anything that could hurt them.

The top parental control applications for iOS and Android can identify a kid physically or inform you if your child is somewhere she or he should not be, such as far from the classroom during school hours.

They can also inform you who your children communicate with online, let you set internet access schedules and limitations, and block harmful websites. A few of these applications can record calls and texts and even display the contents of texts and instant conversations.

However, these applications are most effective when used as part of a complete way of teaching children how to behave appropriately both online and offline. Talk to your kids about how they should behave online and how to avoid uncomfortable moments.

The ideal method to find out where your children are is to develop a friendship with them in which they give you the truth.

However, for individuals whose relationships are troubled, there are some apps available on the market.

Monitor your child’s phone with these apps

Now it’s time to inform you about a mobile application that can help you with monitoring your children. You should know that some of these apps can work on desktops too.


mSpy is the industry’s leading monitoring application, having been on the market for over 10 years. mSpy performs perfectly in the background, so your youngster will have no idea when and if you are watching them.

mSpy can screen text messages, emails, and chat applications for potentially harmful communications, as well as improper content or images. Furthermore, this simple-to-install program can display you any films and shows or images your kids take on their phones, allowing you to examine the content as needed.

mSpy updates every five minutes, keeping you updated on what your kid is doing and what kinds of content they are accessing.

Furthermore, the developed GPS allows you to observe their travels so you know where they are, in fact, in the mall as they said! It also helps you to create safe zones so that you know when your kid arrives or exits in a specific location, like school or Auntie’s house.

mSpy provides the peace of mind parents need to ensure that their children are secure from cyberbullying, offensive content, and potentially dangerous or unpleasant friends or connections, all while retaining confidentiality and enabling your child to have their own device.

Other excellent mSpy features include remote device monitoring and remote control, allowing you to restrict applications, websites, and even calls. Control is truly in your hands.

With mSpy’s capability to monitor all aspects of internet activity, 24/7 help in various languages, and fair prices, it’s no surprise that they’re America’s #1 family tracking software.

Net Nanny Parental Control

Net Nanny offers great web-filtering technology and a modern, straightforward design.

It has the most feature parity between its iOS and Android versions of any parental-control tool tested. Its iOS capabilities do not appear to have been impacted by Apple policy changes, thus users believe it compares fairly to Apple’s own Screen Time features.

On both platforms, Net Nanny can track your kid’s current location, track their location data, and set up time limitations and schedules.

The iOS version allows you to ban a number of applications on your child’s phone, but the Android version lets you completely restrict them.

Instead of banning or enabling social media applications and services completely, Net Nanny also adds content filtering that works within them, such as Instagram, and TikTok.

Social media has changed our daily normal life and it has changed from where it started. If you are curious about its history you can read more on this topic, the history of social media.

On a mobile, the only thing Net Nanny cannot do is monitor calls or texts. There are no applications on iOS that can accomplish this, but there are a couple on Android that do.


Qustodio software is available for Macs, Desktops, iOS and Android platforms, Amazon Fire tablets, and Chromebooks. It also allows you to establish time limitations for particular apps and devices.

This service’s restricted location monitoring is available on both iOS and Android, and Qustodio eventually implemented location-based services in the fall of 2019.

In September 2019, a Family Finder function that displays you where all of your children are at the same time was introduced.

On iOS, you can only monitor just a few dozen apps, however, on Android, you can manage all applications.

Web filtering is more efficient on iOS, however, monitoring messages and calls is only available on Android.


On Android phones, MMGuardian offers practically every parental-control function you might expect, but its capabilities on iOS are relatively limited, and the user interfaces on both platforms are boring and outdated.

The iOS and Android smartphone applications provide location tracking as well as effective online filtering, and MMGuardian now includes an artificial intelligence feature that detects nudity in saved photos.

The parent may use MMGuardian on an Android phone to monitor every text and ban any number.

Unfortunately, time management and display scheduling are only available for Android devices, and the standalone MMGuardian software for Android tablets does not include location tracking.

MMGuardian’s app control for iOS is limited, and there is no call or SMS filtering. Although, it recently introduced SMS and instant-message tracking via a desktop program linked to a child’s iPhone via Wi-Fi.

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