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Best Tech Jobs In the UK

by Mic Johnson

The tech and IT industry in the UK are currently booming, with some of the highest paying jobs belonging to the technology sector. However, the entire area is pretty huge, and finalising the correct field in tech to specialise in can be daunting. Some areas are tech developer, app developer, cybersecurity engineer, ethical hacker, and more. Most tech specialists prefer shifting to large metropolitan cities within the UK to further their careers and enhance their growth. Most come thinking they would like to work in the UK for a year or two but end up applying for indefinite leave to stay

If this sounds like something that could excite you, the rewards of working in the UK tech sector are countless. The benefits are not only financial but also personally rewarding and challenging. 

Before thinking about moving to the UK, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost are the legalities of moving. Several people are moving to the UK from all across the globe. While the process may seem familiar, US immigration experts can help bridge the information and knowledge gap in the legalities and aid in securing the correct visas and paperwork for work. 

Let us look at some of the best tech jobs in the UK for aspiring professionals. 

Software Engineer:

Nearly every aspect of our work is digital, which means there is a high demand for specialists in software engineering. Everything needs software and automated processes to simplify workflow structures from home computers, retail outlets, schools, offices to computer games, aviation, shipping, and more.

It is no surprise that a software engineer’s job is exceptionally high in demand and does not die down. Software engineers usually find jobs across various fields in the UK like testing, maintenance, designing, evaluation, development, and more. Most software engineers opt for a leave to remain in the UK and work on multiple projects simultaneously. At the same time, many prefer working in large multinationals and moving around the UK as needed. 

Python Developer:

Python developers, like software engineers, are also always in high demand. Python developers are wizards for server-side web application writing logic. They focus on back-end component developments and web connection services. 

Python developers also manage and smoothen out databases and servers responsible for mining personal and confidential information. These developers work behind the scenes but have hugely critical job roles. While it may not seem as glamorous as an ethical hacker or software developer, these jobs are extremely well paying and in high demand in the UK. 

Data Scientists:

Data scientist positions are not high in number but significantly in demand. Specialists in the data science field usually need to combine computer science, math, statistics, analytics, modelling, and organisational and business knowledge. Data scientists are also integral in making future action plans and can aid businesses in scaling their growth strategy year on year.

Data scientist jobs are fewer since a lot of time goes into data analysis, scrubbing, data cleaning, and processing. However, considering how much the world moves on data, this role is highly coveted and skilled. Data scientists earn considerable returns in the UK, even working pro-rata with different large tech giants. 

DevOps Engineer:

Since most large companies have multiple departments, Dev Ops engineers help merge multiple tasks, deployment, quality control, development and more into actionable singular processes that promote collaboration and communication amongst departments and teams. 

Dev Ops engineer is currently the highest paying tech job in the UK IT industry, with positions requiring a complex, highly competitive recruitment process. Graduates specialising in DevOps see a massive jump in their career growth and annual salaries. 

Cyber Security Specialist:

Cyber security professionals are always in high demand, with the world constantly battling security threats and issues. The UK is currently hiring cyber security specialists in multiple sectors and industries. While this job role is specific to the IT industry, the applications for cyber security are broad-spectrum and needed in almost all fields. 

Cyber Security specialists need to be excellent communicators since they usually have to coordinate with various stakeholders, hardware and software engineers, data, and networks, to prevent potential cyber-attacks, troubleshoot vulnerabilities, and avoid potential risks. 

Mobile App Developer:

Mobile apps are fundamental across all mobile phones. There is now an app even to remind you to drink water! These apps are built by mobile app developer specialists. They work in teams or alone to develop several useful apps that help make life more efficient and automated. 

Mobile app developers (like cyber security specialists) need good communication and soft skills since their jobs are highly collaborative. 

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