Bridgestone Americas At A Standstill After Facing Cyberattack

The automotive giant Bridgestone Americas Inc. has recently suffered a cyberattack on its systems. Following the incident, the firm disconnected its systems and started investigations. However, the nature of the attack presently remains unclear.

Bridgestone Americas Cyberattack

The Japanese tire and automotive parts manufacturing giant, Bridgestone Americas, has confirmed facing a cyberattack in late February 2022.

Bridgestone Americas, founded in 1931, is among the largest and oldest manufacturers of tires globally. The firm has its production plants in numerous countries across the globe. In addition, it produces multiple other products, including industrial items like polyurethane form for vehicle interiors and seats, wire-blade hoses, rubber tracks for tractors, and more.

As confirmed to numerous media outlets, the firm started investigating the matter shortly after detecting the security breach. These measures also include pulling the affected systems offline.

Bridgestone Americas is currently investigating a potential information security incident. Since learning of the potential incident in the early morning hours of February 27, we have launched a comprehensive investigation to quickly gather facts while working to ensure the security of our IT systems. Out of an abundance of caution, we disconnected many of our manufacturing and retreading facilities in Latin America and North America from our network to contain and prevent any potential impact.

While the firm quickly shared a press release informing the public of the matter, it hasn’t disclosed many details yet.

Nonetheless, it has pledged to continue investigating the matter to ascertain the attack type, extent of damage, and other details.

Bridgestone first returned the workers on Sunday following the incident. For now, it hasn’t updated any details about resuming operations that currently stay at a halt. Until these investigations go on, the firm has also asked its employees to stay home.

It remains unclear whether the firm has suffered any data breach and whether or not the incident affected Bridgestone’s employees or customers.

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