Mip22- A Phishing Tool for Linux and Android

What is Mip22?

Mip22 is a modern and advanced cyber security program for use with Linux and Android. Simply install and select manual or automatic attack and you can select what types of phishing methods to use.

How To Install:

Installing Mip22 on Linux is a breeze as a superuser clone the git file, make it executable then run it in a bash shell:

sudo su
git clone git://github.com/makdosx/mip22.git
chmod -R 777 mip22
cd mip22
bash mip22.sh

Installing on Android requires a rooted device and a terminal app like Term Emulator for Android or Termux and installs similarly to your Linux distribution.

git clone git://github.com/makdosx/mip22.git
chmod -R 777 mip22
cd mip22
bash mip22.sh

How Does it Work?

The automatic attack method is easy to use and comes preinstalled with over 60 cloned electronic services i.e. social media networks, email providers and cloud providers. You can also use the manual method and clone your own services yourself through a web browser. It also has access to tunneling setup as well as email services. Here are a few of the options to choose from.

Here are a few screenshots from our own testing:

run bash mip22.sh from terminal after installing and navigating to the directory

Automatic Attack Mode Options- i chose whatsapp and started fingerprinting right away

With manual mode you can create your own cloned URLs and fingerprint pretty much anything


Given the amount of services provided in this tool I am a little surprised I haven’t seen it before. After using it for a while on my Parrot machine I was able to pull up some interesting information. This tool has practice modes as well as Cloudflare services and I think we should give it a 3.5/5 bunnies

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