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A Review of SecuX V20 Hardware Crypto Wallet

by Mic Johnson

Company Background

SecuX Technology Inc. is a Taiwan based Blockchain Security Company that were founded in 2018, since then they have launched numerous products such as their W10, W20 and V20 hardware wallet models

What is the V20 Hardware Wallet

In this example we will be reviewing the V20 hardware wallet which offers the following features:

  • Military-grade Infineon Secure Element chip
  • Tamper-proof sealing labels
  • Supports 1000+ coins and tokens
  • Largest 2.8 inch color touchscreen
  • Supports multiple OS on computer and mobile
  • Bluetooth 5 and USB Type-C connections
  • Compatible recoverability with BIP32, 39, 44 standards
  • 2-factor authentication during Bluetooth connection
  • Up to 500 accounts available
  • Long battery life

What’s in the box?

In the SecuX V20 wallet box, you will get;

  • 1 SecuX V20 hardware wallet
  • 1 black pouch
  • 1 type-C USB cable for wired connectivity
  • 2 recovery sheets to jot down your recovery phrase
  • 1 user manual AKA start guide


Upon receiving the V20 hardware wallet and XSeed Pro, I was already impressed with how sleek the packaging was, the package came with an anti-tamper label to ensure that the device hasn’t been messed with since between dispatch and arriving at my address.

Getting set up

Connect via Bluetooth or USB

I went with the old school tethered option. Upon plugging in the device I was presented with the welcome screen which was well laid out and intuitive in its set up.

You have the option to set up both a standard and hidden wallet, the standard wallet can be used as a decoy if in the unfortunate event you are forced to give out your private key you can offer up the decoy instead.

Upon creating my wallets I was also provided with numerous options for writing my 24 words down. In this instance I was also sent the XSEED protection options ranging from the the cardboard option which should be written on with a pencil to avoid fading, the stainless steel and aluminum seed protect which offers protection in case of fire and water damage.

Software interface

After going through the steps of setting up my 24 word recovery key I was presented with the following screen where I can update firmware and set up new wallets. The design felt intuitive and didn’t take long to navigate.


When looking at some of the hardware that is offered within the wallet it is clear that SecuX utilizes some great embedded security technology, including:

CC EAL5+ Secure Element
Each SecuX wallet makes use of a secure element chip which is the latest generation chip that comes in the SecuX V20

SecuX V20 secure element
The specific hardware that SecuX wallets use is the Infineon SLE Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element created by a German company, this is what is used to store the  PIN and private keys securely.

SecuX V20 Supports Multiple Devices

  • Android
  • IOS
  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

Supported Coins

SecuX wallets currently support over 1,000 coins, you can find a full list of them here


At the time of writing the V20 retails for $139 USD which in our opinion is a great price considering not only the quality and robustness of the hardware but also being cheaper than the rival Nano X.


There are many pros to this product, some of the key features that impressed us were:

User Friendly Interface
The device has a simple and efficient user interface

Well Designed
The SecuX V20 has a stunning 2.8 inch touch screen display in a rectangular metal case

Enhanced Security
Robust encrypted hardware with extra features to encrypt the bluetooth channel whilst connected to the device.

Competitively Priced
Comparing to its rivals the V20 is often cheaper, particularly at the time of writing

In contrast to the pros there are very little cons to this hardware wallet, perhaps the only downside is that they don’t yet have the same market share compared to the two other big branded products.

Check out the SecuX online shop:  https://shop.secuxtech.com/

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