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Latest Google Chrome Update Fixed Another Zero-Day Flaw

by Abeerah Hashim
Google Chrome zero-day flaw

Heads up Chrome users! Google has just pushed another update to its Chrome browser, once again, fixing a zero-day flaw. Users should ensure they update their systems at their earliest to avoid potential exploits.

Google Chrome Zero-Day Flaw Fixed

This week, Google has rolled out the second major update for its Chrome browser that addresses a zero-day.

As explained in its advisory, an anonymous researcher notified Google about a Type Confusion vulnerability in Chrome’s V8 component.

Specifically, V8 is an open-source JavaScript engine forming the core of Google’s Chromium project. Any potential vulnerability in such a critical component can also affect all Chromium-based browsers (like Microsoft Edge).

Google has admitted to having found active exploitation of the flaw CVE-2022-1096. They have therefore rushed to fix the bug before it could lead to further devastating results. The extent of the bug’s severity is visible from the fact that this browser update includes only one vulnerability fix.

The tech giant has released the Chrome desktop version 99.0.4844.84 for all windows, Mac, and Linux users to download. Thus, it’s now up to users to update their systems at the earliest and avoid any possible exploitation. Google hasn’t shared any details about the vulnerability as they do not wish for further spread of the issue.

The first important Chrome update arrived last month (February 2022), when Chrome’s 98.0.4758.102 desktop browser version fixed the first zero-day vulnerability for 2022 – CVE-2022-0609. As explained, it was a high-severity use after free flaw in Animation. Google also confirmed detecting active exploitation of the vulnerability, thus urging users for swift updates.

Google has lately addressed numerous zero-day bugs. Particularly, 2021 proved to be a dynamic year in this regard as the tech giant fixed at least 14 zero-days in the year. Many of those vulnerabilities existed in the same V8 component, hence demanding more attention and swift action from developers.

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