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Found this one while I was on Safari. Its a pretty neat tool if not for the utterly slow brute forcing, but for the Facebook ID number lookup feature. So this tool – Facebook_hack- by hackerxphantom, sorts through email addresses to find associated Facebook IDs, then with a wordlist you can try to bruteforce your way into an account.


Written totally in python this tool works on pretty much any platform that can run some sort of command line interface. Simply clone the repo, run the setup file and then you can run the facebook_hack.py command. You can search for Facebook ID numbers by using the users URL. You can create your own wordlist or use the 10M password list included. Check out this post about seclists for more password lists.

apt update && apt upgrade -y
apt install git -y
git clone https://github.com/hackerxphantom/Facebook_hack.git
cd Facebook_hack
bash setup
python facebook_hack.py


Like I said this is a slow process so the more homework you do on your target the better. Facebook_hack scanned 50 passwords in the list after about 15 minutes. Not the worse but also not the fastest I have seen. The tool does come with a proxy service as well or you can use your own. Knocking this one down to a 2/5 bunnies

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