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After Bing, Brave And DuckDuckGo Also Integrate AI For Better Search

by Abeerah Hashim
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With a few days gap, the two privacy-focused search services, Brave and DuckDuckGo, have announced improving their search engines with AI tools. These announcements come soon after Microsoft disclosed integrating ChatGPT in Bing search.

Brave And DuckDuckGo Leverage AI In Search Results

Earlier this month, Brave announced integrating artificial intelligence into its search engine. Dubbed “Summarizer,” the AI tool provides succinct answers to the user’s search query before presenting the search results.

With these responses, which the tool summarizes from the information available on the web, users can get precise answers to their queries without needing to go down deep into individual web links. (Though they can always do that if they want.) Besides the summary, users can also the relevant link from which the tool pulls up the result. In this way, it assures users of the result’s authenticity and relevance.

Brave’s Summarizer typically responds to users’ “questions” and doesn’t meddle with general search keywords, ensuring precision. That’s where it differs from Bing’s AI which works across all search queries but may include irrelevant results.

Shortly after this move, the other Google alternative, DuckDuckGo, also announced integrating AI into its search engine. But it seems different from Microsoft’s and Brave’s execution.

Named “DuckAssist,” the AI assistant in DuckDuckGo also delivers answers to users’ search queries. But it only sources information from Wikipedia and Britannica, considering them reliable. That’s where it differs from Bing and Brave which use the information available on the web generally

As announced in its post, DuckAssist comes as an integrated feature with the DuckDuckGo browser extensions and apps. However, it’s currently available in beta, and not all users may access it right now. Also, it works typically for questions to which Wikipedia may likely have the answers.

But in the future, DuckDuckGo plans to roll out to all, with more advanced features for better and faster search results.

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