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NordVPN Rolls Out Meshnet For Public, Including Non-Subscribers

by Abeerah Hashim
NordVPN releases Meshnet for public

After rolling out the feature to its subscribers, NordVPN has now announced expanding Meshnet accessibility for all users for free. Anyone can use Meshnet at no cost without necessarily subscribing to the VPN service.

NordVPN Meshnet Available For All Users For Free

The popular VPN and security giant NordVPN has announced releasing the Meshnet feature for all internet users globally.

NordVPN first introduced Meshnet as a dedicated privacy feature for its subscribers allowing them to create their own private network. With Meshnet, users could choose the devices to route the traffic accordingly, regardless of their physical location. This feature ensures secure connections for various user groups, such as remote employees within an organization, a family or friends’ group, a team of gamers, and more, without geographical restrictions.

As elaborated in its post, NordVPN decided to publicly release this feature to help those users who want a VPN but cannot afford to buy a premium one. Also, Meshnet empowers users to create their own private network comprising of trusted devices and IP addresses. That means as they exemplified, someone on a holiday abroad can use their home computer through Meshnet to access geo-restricted services.

As for the free-of-cost availability of Meshnet, NordVPN explained that opening up this feature to all didn’t require them to invest more. Nor does it require extensive maintenance and infrastructure. Besides, releasing this cost-effective privacy feature for all also meets their prime goal of helping users with internet privacy.

Using Meshnet is simple; users merely have to download the NordVPN app on their devices and enable the “Meshnet” feature. Then, whatever devices have Meshnet enabled, users can connect them to use the IPs from those devices, share files securely, execute different activities without interruption, and access geo-restricted services.

Notably, the Meshnet feature is available for all major operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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