Beware of fake ‘Pokemon Go’ Apps that hacks Android devices

Hackers created an app for Pokemon Go, which is named as Guide for Pokemon Go, has more than 500,000 official user downloads from Google Play Store.

According to a security expert from Kaspersky says that, the app contains malicious virus which infected over 6,000 users had their phones rooted and allowed the hackers to gain access to the phones personal information.

“The malicious app is capable of seizing root access rights on Android smartphones and using that to install or uninstall apps and display unsolicited ads. We have reported the Trojan to Google and the app has been removed from Google Play,” said Roman Unuchek, Senior Malware Analyst, Kaspersky Lab.

“Once rooting rights have been enabled, the Trojan will install its modules into the device’s system folders, silently installing and uninstalling other apps and displaying unsolicited ads to the user,” the executive said.

India comes as first victims, along with Russia and Indonesia. Currently the app has been removed from Google Play Store after reporting the Trojan to Google.

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