Airports In Kerala Deny That Their Websites Have Been Hacked

India: Officials of two airports in Kerala have dismissed reports that their websites have been hacked. According to the Thiruvananthapuram airport authorities, the website that was hacked was one developed by some regular passengers and was in no way connected to the airport.

According to George G Tharakan, director of the Trivandrum International Airport said that, “There is no separate website for the airport. The website which was hacked was being run by a private agency. The official details of the airport are posted on the website of the Airports Authority of India.”

A website was hacked by anonymous hackers on Tuesday. The home page showed the message that the website was hacked by ‘Kashmiri Cheettah‘ which allegedly belongs to the group Pak Cyber Attackers. The page also displayed a danger symbol. However, it was restored by Wednesday morning.

According to communique from Cochin International Airport also denied the report. “A national TV channel this morning carried the news that Pakistani hackers has hacked our website. Please be informed that Cochin International Airport Ltd’s website is not hacked. is our official website, which is intact. The one which is hacked (with name doesn’t belong to CIAL.”

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