Blisk Browser Vendors Leaked Data Via Unsecured Database Server

Vendors behind the Blisk browser – a dedicated browser for web developers – inadvertently left a database unsecured that leaked

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Unsecured Database Exposed 8 Million UK Shoppers Records

Another unsecured database has leaked data online threatening the privacy of users. This time, the unsecured database belonging to a

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Decathlon Leaked Data Of Spanish Employees Exposing 123 Million Records

The giant sports goods retailer Decathlon now makes it to the news due to a security flaw. Researchers found a

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PhotoSquared App Leaked Personal Data And Sensitive Photos Online

Once again, a popular photo-editing application has breached users’ privacy, consequently exposing sensitive information online. This time, the guilty application

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TrueDialog Left Users Data And SMS Exposed On Unsecured Database

The American Telecom firm TrueDialog has inadvertently breached users’ privacy. The firm TrueDialog left a database exposed online containing millions

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UAB Medicine Discloses Data Breach Affecting Thousands Of Patients

Once again, a security breach has affected thousands of individuals exposing their data to so far unknown attackers. This time,

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Indian Marketing Firm FormGet Publicly Exposed Users’ Documents Via Unsecured Server

Once again, a firm has breached users’ privacy by exposing customers data publicly via an unsecured cloud server. This time,

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Brazilian Financial Service Exposed 250GB Of Local Banks’ Customers Data Via Unsecured Server

Another huge data leak incident comes up this time affecting Brazilian customers. A Brazilian financial service exposed massive customer records

Read more Exposed 5 Million Records With Personal Information Through Unsecured Database

Another unprotected database has caught researchers’ attention. The database that allegedly belonged to exposed millions of user records having

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Indian Medicinal Firm “Jiva Ayurveda” Exposed 1.2 Million Personal Records Through an Unsecured Database

Once again, an Indian firm serving more than a million customers has inadvertently leaked huge records online. According to researchers,

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