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Facebook Scam which hacks the ‘hacker’

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Scammers have targeted more than one billion active Facebook users, to infect as many victims as possible.

Facebook users are being tricked into injecting or placing malicious JavaScript or client-side code into their web browsers. This malicious code could allow an attacker to gain access to victims’ accounts, thereby using it for fraud, to send spam, and promote further attacks by posting the scam on their timeline to try to fool the victims’ friends. This technique is known as Self Cross-site Scripting or Self XSS.

Self XSs is a combination of using social engineering and a vulnerable browser, The aim on the attack is to trick Facebook users’ into providing access to their account. Once an attacker or scammer gets access to users’ Facebook account, they can even post and comment on things on users’ behalf.

The Facebook hacking scam looks like this:

Hack any Facebook account following these steps:
1. Go to the victim’s profile
2. Click right click then click on inspect element and click the “Console” tab.
3. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press Enter.
The code is in the web site: http://textuploader .com****/
Good luck: *
Don’t hurt anybody…

Facebook has also listed the scam on the list of threats, it’s users have been observed to fall victim to. “Scammers who use Self-XSS usually trick you by promising to help you hack somebody else’s account, the scammer’s goal is to get you to run their malicious code on your computer. When you run their code, you grant the scammer access to your account for fraud, spam, and tricking more people into running the scam.

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