Why You Should Invest in Soda PDF

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How often have you thought, “If I could just spend more time doing what I love to do instead of being bogged down with tedious paperwork details?”

How would you like to increase your productivity and reduce your stress at the same time?

As a small business, how can I compete with larger corporations?

Creating Sales Presentations

soda pdf
soda pdf

Small businesses, start-ups and solopreneurs frequently work on slim margins within tight budget constraints.  The internet has leveled the playing field to some degree so that small businesses can compete with their larger competitors.  As small businesses, we have an advantage in that we are more nimble and can adjust quicker to changing market trends.

Our challenge is that we do not have the multiple specialty departments of the larger corporations.  We do not have a marketing department, a sales department and a technical creative department.

We can deliver the product at a competitive price, but first we have to win the contract.  In order to win the contract we need to produce a high quality sales presentation at a minimal cost with limited resources.

Problem: The information we need is in a combination of documents: Word, Excel, HTML and .txt.  Somehow all of this information needs to be combined into one high quality pdf document which can be sent electronically, signed digitally and returned quickly and efficiently.

Additional problem: There is a short window of time in which to accomplish this feat.

Soda PDF 6 offers a Solution


With the sodapdf.com software over 300 different file formats can be quickly and easily converted into high quality pdf documents.

The Edit Module of the Soda PDF 6 software is so user friendly that it is able to replace pages, swap out images and rearrange data with a few keystrokes.

The Soda PDF 6 software allows small businesses to create professional documents by converting various documents into the pdf format.

Additional advantage: The conversions are so smooth and efficient that it consumes a minimum amount of time.  Imagine eliminating the hair-pulling, gray hair creating, time-consuming stress of converting multiple format documents to modern pdf formats.

Even better, this software is available at an extremely affordable price. If you just want to create and convert, there are many free online PDF creators you could use, http://www.doc2pdf.net  and http://online.soda.com  are two of the most powerful ones out there.

One Headache Eliminated

soda pdf headache
soda pdf

With the stress of converting documents removed from the sales presentation creation process, small businesses are free to do what they love – present their products and services in the most favorable format for the client.
Small businesses have to be more creative and make wiser use of their limited resources in order to win the battle in the boardroom and receive the contract.
Being nimble and able to adjust quickly to market trends is only an advantage when the sales presentation displays the necessary quality to win the contract.

A small investment in the right software can return massive dividends.

soda pdf
soda pdf

Small business owners can and do compete with their larger counterparts through the use of efficient software programs and a high degree of creativity.  Taking the time to locate and purchase software which increases productivity, increases time efficiency and reduces stress is time well spent.

It’s All About the Quality

The reputation a business creates in the marketplace is based on the quality it delivers.  Delivering a quality sales presentation is the first step in winning the contract.  The follow through with delivering a high quality product or service will establish the company in the marketplace as a true competitor.  Your reputation in the marketplace is enhanced because of the high quality of your presentations.  Your productivity and profitability will smile all the way to the bank.

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