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Finger Heat Signature Reveals Card PIN Number

by Unallocated Author

A Smartphone equipped with an infrared camera has become the pickpockets’ favorite tool, as that can be used to detect the card pins entered on PoS system keyboarders after the victims completes the transaction in a store.

Report says, Objects emit light based on the temperature they produce, and this can be caught by infrared cameras. Since during the interaction between two objects heat is exchanged, the PIN key presses can be revealed by the heat signature left behind by the finger.

Its’ so amazing that technology is developing much faster with just a smartphone, but on the other hand pickpockets’ have a great stealing with this kit.

FLIR One is a device available on iPhone 5 or 5s, allows capturing heat signature from different objects.

PoS systems have plastic keys that can retain heat and offer thieves the possibility to capture the security code and leave the task of lifting the wallet with the card to accomplices that could follow the victim outside the store and pickpocket them.

On the other side this kit is pretty expensive ($349 / €266) and for now its avail only in US.

This video is by  Blogger Mark Rober, this video is an incident by pickpockets’ stealing PIN using infrared cameras in smartphones.

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