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The Best Free Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Iphone

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Cydia allows you to download Wi-Fi Hacking Apps compared to the Apple App Store. After jailbreaking your iPhone, you can use Cydia to download third party applications that are capable of taking advantage of security flaws in household routers to test the strength of your Wi-Fi password. While there are a number of applications out there that fulfill this purpose, there are a handful that have stood the test of time.

Many of these applications exploit a common security vulnerability with WEP and WPA/WPA2 passwords that are found on household routers. In short, the applications listed below attempt to access the router with the router’s default password to gain administrative access and allow the iPhone/iPad to join the network without having the authorized WEP or WPA key.

Also worth noting is that some of these applications are only capable of hacking into routers within certain countries or routers issued by certain ISPs. Because all routers are manufactured differently, the security flaws found in some routers may not be applicable across the board. Check within each individual application to see which routers and internet service providers are supported.

IWep Pro – This is probably the best one currently available. After downloading and installing the application through Cydia, you’ll be greeted with a simple user interface that scans local wireless networks and tells you which ones can and can’t be hacked. After selecting the network you’d like to join, IWep quickly goes to work and finds the right password to access the router.

In order to utilize IWep Pro properly, you’ll have to download a “dictionary” for the application. Use Cydia to find IWep Pro dictionaries to use to try and discover the router’s default password.

ISpeedTouched – Just like with the other applications listed, ISpeedTouched scans the area for networks that are connectable and using a downloadable “rainbow table” via the application, you’ll be able to find and take advantage of unsecure wireless networks.

WPA Tester – This one doesn’t necessarily require Cydia, as it’s currently available in the official App store. It works almost identically to the other programs listed and is capable of trying default passwords for most wireless routers available from internet providers worldwide.

iWPA Finder – In Italy and other parts of Europe there are routers issued by the ISPs, Alice and Fastweb. iWPA is capable of finding security vulnerabilities in these routers only. While it’s possible to use one of the more universal applications, since iWPA is designed to work specifically with certain router models, it may be easier to use than a larger program.


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