Reverse Engineering for Beginners Free eBook

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Here are some of the comments for the Reverse Engineering for Beginners book

• “It’s very well done .. and for free .. amazing.”1 Daniel Bilar, Siege Technologies, LLC.
• “…excellent and free”2 Pete Finnigan, Oracle RDBMS security guru.
• “… book is interesting, great job!” Michael Sikorski, author of Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands-On Guide to
Dissecting Malicious Software.
• “… my compliments for the very nice tutorial!” Herbert Bos, full professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, co-author
of Modern Operating Systems (4th Edition).
• “… It is amazing and unbelievable.” Luis Rocha, CISSP / ISSAP, Technical Manager, Network & Information Security at
Verizon Business.
• “Thanks for the great work and your book.” Joris van de Vis, SAP Netweaver & Security specialist.
• “… reasonable intro to some of the techniques.”3
(Mike Stay, teacher at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center,
Georgia, US.)
• “I love this book! I have several students reading it at the moment, plan to use it in graduate course.”4
(Sergey Bratus,
Research Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at Dartmouth College)
• “Dennis @Yurichev has published an impressive (and free!) book on reverse engineering”5 Tanel Poder, Oracle RDBMS
performance tuning expert.


Short contents

  • I Code patterns 1
  • II Important fundamentals 528
  • III Finding important/interesting stuff in the code 534
  • IV OS-specific 555
  • V Tools 608
  • VI More examples 614
  • VII Examples of reversing proprietary file formats 726
  • VIII Other things 748
  • IX Books/blogs worth reading 766
  • X Exercises 770
  • Afterword 805
  • Appendix 807
  • Acronyms used 842

The download link for this free book can be found here


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