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FireEye says iOS flaw leaves most devices open to attack

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Whilst you may be used to hearing about Android being targeted by hackers, however it now would seem that they have turned towards iOS devices since Fireeye released their security advisory. Apple always says that hacking their devices is too difficult for cyber crooks, but a single app has made it possible for anyone to hack an iPhone.

A security flaw in Apple’s mobile iOS operating system has made most iPhones and iPads vulnerable to  attacks by hackers seeking access to sensitive data and control of their devices, security researchers warned.

The details about this vulnerability were published by the Cyber security firm FireEye on its blog on Monday, saying the flaw allows hackers to access devices by fooling users to download and install malicious iOS applications on their iPhone or iPad via tainted text messages, emails and Web links.

The malicious application can then be used to replace genuine, trusted apps that were installed through Apple’s App Store, including email and banking programs, with malicious software through a technique that FireEye has dubbed “Masque Attack.”

Here we have a video which demonstrates the attack so you can get an idea of how easy it can to be compromise an Iphone using Fireyes method

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