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South Korea’s Nuclear Plant Operator Has Been Breached By Hackers

by Unallocated Author

South Korea’s nuclear plant operator has been breached, raising fears that North Korea may have targeted key items of infrastructure in its southern neighbor before using similar attacks against the United States of America

Still now no blame has been placed on North Korea for the breach. However, the malware and code that was utilized in the nuclear plant hacks resemble code previously

Lim Jong In, a cyber security skilled who works with South Korea’s military, told CNN that he believes that there might be a link between the attacks. This spherical of hacking bears alikeness to each the Sony hack and a previous attack on South Korea’s media, banks, and ATMs in 2013.

In a notably ominous message on a hacking website, Lim told CNN that the cluster liable for targeting the nuclear operator aforesaid, “if they do not stop the operation of the nuclear energy plant, they’ll destroy it.”

According to Lim, the attack on the nuclear operator could indicate a pattern. First, North Korea carries out an attack on South Korea, before staging a more refined attack abroad against the US.

“It is 100% impossible that a hacker can stop nuclear power plants by attacking them because the control monitoring system is totally independent and closed,” a political candidate at Choson Hydro and atomic energy (KHNP) told The Guardian.


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