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Twitter Goes Down For Many Users,And It Is Back Now

by Unallocated Author

Twitter appears to be down for most of the users. Users complained on Reddit that they had been logged out of their accounts from Android apps, and the mobile and desktop versions of the site. The only place where Twitter appears to be working for now is iOS. We tried accessing Twitter via an iPhone and found we were still logged in, although most of the recent tweets were 2-3 hours old.However a few accounts seem to be back on as some people were able to tweet. Of course it’s likely that a lot of those who were tweeting had access via their iPhone.

According to one user on Reddit named IrrespectiveOfOthers, “I’m sitting beside a Twitter employee… he was wondering why he was logged out of his Android account. He just logged in through his corporate laptop and it’s working for him there. Twitter is aware people are being forcefully logged out.”


As for now its back for many users,Meanwhile one Twitter account @AnonyPress tweeted out a picture explaining one of the possible reasons for the outage. According to the tweet, the servers assumed the date was December 2015, which caused the large scale forced log out. They have tweeted pictures of the same as well. For now, Twitter has not confirmed on what led to the outage, which was nearly 3 hours long.

Tweet posted by @AnonyPress


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