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Benchmark Report of 133 Windows Optimization Software Products

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Macecraft Software recently ran an unprecedented benchmark test that covers 133 different software products claiming to make Windows PCs work faster. The rigorous testing shows that only some products can deliver actual improvements to computer performance while others offer surprising results.

Suprising Windows Optimization Score Results

According to the windows optimization software test results,  the effects on the overall system performance, as measured by running PCMark 7 benchmark software, were mainly negative with six products out of eight, actually producing an average decrease of the benchmark score. As a result, the data indicates that only two products seemed to have an overall positive effect on both the system startup time and benchmark scores: jv16 PowerTools X and Baidu PC Faster.

Windows Start up time















These windows optimization software benchmark test results have been assembled using all of the information and data collected from all of the test environments (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview) of all of the eight products which seemed to provide the greatest impact on system performance.

Using different computers and Windows operating system versions, the PowerTools X product was able to improve the Windows startup time by 38 seconds on average.

The comprehensive benchmark test report also showed the overall system performance as measured by PC Mark 7 benchmark software, to increase by an average of 13 percent after jv16 PowerTools X was used to clean the test computers.

On this occasion, Macecraft Software has also published all the technical setups and testing procedures used in the actual benchmark process, in order to clarify any doubts on the validity of the scores obtained (videos and screenshots of actual results are available for public review).


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