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Free Cryptography Course

by Unallocated Author
learn cryptography free

In this online course we will be examining how cryptography is the cornerstone of security technologies, and how through its use of different encryption methods, such as ciphers, and public or private keys, you can protect private or sensitive information from unauthorized access.   Often associated with privacy, Cryptography offers four basic services: Confidentiality, Integrity, Authenticity / Availability, and Non-Repudiation.   This course offers practical examples for everyday use, to provide better understanding of these concepts.

In our brief online Cryptography course, you’ll learn about the difference between clear text and cypher text, compare different encryption types, how encryption works, and how to secure and compare data through the use of hashing.

We hope you enjoy this class taught by a couple of our many knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts, Leo Dregier and Kelly Handerhan.

Sign up to the course at the link HERE

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