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Download GitHub Desktop Client for Mac and Windows users.

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GitHub has announced desktop version for Mac and Windows users. The GitHub Desktop client will give users a new experience, and allow the developer to submit the source code quicker, if the CLI commands evade your memory.

According to GitHub senior software engineer, “The company is hoping that a GUI will attract those developers who are not as comfortable with the text-based interface used by GitHub’s current crop of users.”

The GitHub Desktop client software works exactly the same on Windows and Mac.

The list of features included in GitHub Desktop Client:

  • Share code
  • Create branches
  • Commit changes
  • Clone repositories

Download GitHub Desktop Client: Windows and Mac 

GitHub has added a new feature which prevents the developer when someone else is also working on the same code, and block simultaneous changes to the code base.

The desktop client also allows the developer to config to work with privately run copies of Git, and will be included in the GitHub enterprise distribution as well.

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