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Now you can buy College Diploma on eBay for $50,000

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26-year old Stephanie Ritter from Southern California, US, tires to sell her college diploma on eBay for $50,000(€45,000).

Stephanie Ritter might have a diploma, but she is frustrated since she wasn’t able to find a job in her field.

According to BuzzFeed she told,”I thought this piece of paper has so much worth to so many people, but for a theatre major, it couldn’t mean less”.

Image Credit: eBay

Image Credit: eBay

According to DailyMail she said,”I’m doing the exact same things and probably getting paid the exact same amount as people that dropped out halfway through freshman year, except I’m still $40,000 [over €35,000] in debt and they’re, well, not. Why waste four years of your life going to a state school for a piece of paper when you can just buy mine?”

She also provides her college albums for six months and entry to a show at the FSU School of Theater ( a ticket cost $17-50 ) and few more things.

This 26-year old girl hope that at least some rich family or government will help her, if nobody buys her diploma.


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You couldn't be more wrong August 28, 2015 - 9:44 am

You guys are so deluded.. Imagine living in a world without art.. where all the people are working in big gray warehouses, with big gray walls, no musicians, no artists, no theaters … A world full of robots programmed to make other people rich..that’s what you want? I really feel sorry for you.

You couldn't be more wrong August 28, 2015 - 9:40 am

Zachery, you couldn’t be more wrong with your statement. The benefits of Art may not have direct impact on humans technology or whatever researching progress, but have you imagined living in a world where everyone is only working and everything’s gray? During the darkest days of World War II, it has Churchill responding to a plan to cut money for the arts to fund the war effort by saying: “Then what are we fighting for?”

Zachery Smith August 28, 2015 - 12:57 pm

I didn’t say art was not needed, in fact I believe highly in the arts! I just said that getting a Theater and Dance degree is worthless for getting a job in this world, and that no one should be surprised that she can’t make any money on it! If you want a job that will pay more than the cost of your education, don’t get a Theater and Dance degree, get a STEM degree … and should you decide on a Theater and Dance degree, don’t be shocked or waste energy complaining that the piece of paper is worthless towards paying back the loans. We need art in order to thrive and grow, but regardless of that, there is not an income to be had from that degree! That is my point, don’t get it and then complain about it … from an employment opportunity standpoint, it is a worthless degree.

Anonymous August 28, 2015 - 2:34 am

You got an Arts degree. What did you really expect???

Zachery Smith August 28, 2015 - 1:51 am

Really … she is shocked that she can not find a job with a BA in Theater and Dance? Come on, I am sorry you wasted your college experience on a worthless degree, but have some accountability! Its not like you had an engineering degree and was unable to find a job, a Theater degree is generally worthless on its face! Perfect example to the young, get a STEM degree …. Get a job!

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