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Facebook DISLIKE Button Scams is Scammers New Target

by Unallocated Author

On Facebook question and answer meeting, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook is working on to create “dislike” button and going to test it soon. Scammers take this “dislike” feature as a great opportunity to spread phishing attacks and malware across social network.

Already many people have fallen into the Facebook Dislike button scam and there are more people yet too. Scammers titled it as “Get newly introduced Facebook dislike button on your profile.” This system seems to be “invite only” option. When users click the link, they been lead to malicious website.

Another type of scam titled as “Download the official DISLIKE button now.” These kind links are fake and there are several scams already out similar to this.

User are encouraged not to click such kind of links, normally this kind of links redirect users to new page, where he/she will be asked to fill out few surveys and collect the user’s personal information and account credentials.

At the end of the survey, scammers will try to spam their friends by private chats, timeline and on groups. It can also lead to installing malware, adware, or spyware on user’s computer using an exploit kit which can scan computers for vulnerabilities and install virus on unprotected computers

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