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How To Find The People Stealing Your Tweets On Twitter

by Unallocated Author

This small piece of python code will find the people stealing your tweets and copy-pasting them on their twitter timeline.

This python script project is called TweetThief, you can download this python code on GitHub. Author of this project is David Longenecker, you can follow him on twitter @dnlongen.

You need to have Twitter API module for Python and apllcation token for the Twitter API

Some basic knowledge is also required on how API works, what limitations they might have and how to run the script from Python CLI.

According to David Longenecker says that, “The Twitter API limits the number of queries you can do in a 15-minute period; since TweetThief retrieves tweets and then performs a search for each individual tweet, practically speaking it is limited to about the 200 most recent tweets.”

tweetthief.py [-h] -a TWITTER_ALIAS [-n NUMTWEETS] [-1] [-p PROXY]

You can use this tool at your own risk and we are not responsible for any problems that you come upon using this tool.

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