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Interesting Facts About Technology, Teens and Relationships

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According to a recent research made by Pew Research Center shows some interesting facts about technology, teens and relationships

Here is a list of interesting facts about Technology, teens and relationships that might make you surprise.

  • Only 8% all American teens have met a romantic partner online.
  • Facebook is most preferred to connect online people, compared to second-ranked Instagram.
  • 28% of teens search info on online about someone they are currently dating or interested in.
  • 55% of teens flirt with them or talked to them in person, while only 7% of teens make a video for them.
  • 35% of teen girls end  up blocking or unfriending someone online because of aggressive and uncomfortable flirting on social media. Only 16% of the teen boys do the same.
  • 52% of teens prefer to ask for dates in person, 24% via text message, 9% via a message on a social networking site.
  • 78% of teens consider that breaking up with someone in person is the right thing to do. 31% consider it acceptable to do it by phone, 12% via text message.

After break up here is what teens do.

  • Once broken up, girls tend to block or unfriend former partners more than boys, 44% compared to 31%.
  • 36% of teens send a very large number of texts in a short period of time.
  • 4% of teens downloaded tracking data from their former partner’s phone.
  • 8% of teens sent embarrassing pictures of their former partners to other people.
  • 10% of teens deleted or modified their social media profiles accordingly.
  • 11% of teens accessed their former partner’s online accounts or mobile phone.
  • 10% of teens sent messages to other persons, pretending to be their former partner.
  • 31% of teens say they are being checked up multiple times per day by their current or former romantic partners.
  • 22% of teens have been called names, humiliated, and insulted via the Internet or by phone call by their former partners.
  • 16% of teens were forced to remove former partners from their social media accounts by their current boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • 15% of teens have been pressured into unwanted sexual activities by their partners via the Internet or by phone.


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