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JavaScript Cheat Sheet Free Download

by Unallocated Author

JavaScript cheat sheet for newbies learning JavaScript. This JavaScript cheat sheet is made by DavidChild from cheatography.com

Free Download: JavaScript Cheat Sheet 

Regular Expres­sions Syntax

^         Start of string

$         End of string

.         Any single character

(a|b)     a or b

(...)     Group section

[abc]     In range (a, b or c)

[^abc]    Not in range

s         White space

a?        Zero or one of a

a*        Zero or more of a

a*?       Zero or more, ungreedy

a+        One or more of a

a+?       One or more, ungreedy

a{3}      Exactly 3 of a

a{3,}     3 or more of a

a{,6}     Up to 6 of a

a{3,6}    3 to 6 of a

a{3,6}?   3 to 6 of a, ungreedy

 	        Escape character

[:punct:] Any punctu­ation symbol

[:space:] Any space character

[:blank:] Space or tab


JavaScript Event Handlers

onabort     onmous­edown

onblur      onmous­emove

onchange    onmouseout

onclick     onmous­eover

ondblclick  onmouseup

ondragdrop  onmove

onerror     onreset

onfocus     onresize
onkeydown   onselect

onkeypress  onsubmit

onkeyup     onunload



JavaScript Dates

Date()               setMonth()

getDate()            setFul­lYear()

getDay()             setHours()

getMonth             setMin­utes()
getFul­lYear          setSec­onds()

getYear              setMil­lis­eco­nds()

getHours             setTime()
getMinutes           setUTC­Date()

getSeconds           setUTC­Day()
getMil­lis­econds      setUTC­Month()
getTime              setUTC­Ful­lYear()
getTim­ezo­neO­ffset()  setUTC­Hours()

getUTC­Date()         setUTC­Min­utes()

getUTC­Day()          setUTC­Sec­onds()

getUTC­Month()        setUTC­Mil­lis­eco­nds()

getUTC­Ful­lYear()     toSource()

getUTC­Hours()        toString()
getUTC­Min­utes()      toGMTS­tring()

getUTC­Sec­onds()      toUTCS­tring()

getUTC­Mil­lis­eco­nds() toLoca­leS­tring()

parse()              UTC()

setDate()            valueOf()


Pattern Modifiers

g    Global match

i*   Case-i­nse­nsitive

m*   Multiple lines

s*   Treat string as single line

x*   Allow comments and whitespace in pattern

e*   Evaluate replac­ement

U*   Ungreedy pattern


JavaScript Arrays

concat()  slice()

join()    sort()
length    splice()

pop()     toSource()

push()    toString()

reverse() unshift()

shift()   valueOf()


JavaScript Strings

charAt()       slice()

charCo­deAt()   split() x

concat()       substr()

fromCh­arC­ode() substr­ing()

indexOf()      toLowe­rCase()

lastIn­dexOf()  toUppe­rCase()

length         toLoca­leL­owe­rCase()


match() x      toSource()

replace() x    valueOf()

search() x


JavaScript RegExp Object

compile()   lastParen

exec()      leftCO­ntext

global      multiline

ignoreCase  rightC­ontext

input       source

lastIndex   test()



JavaScript Numbers and Maths

abs()     min()


asin()    PI


atan2()   pow()

ceil()    random()

cos()     round()

E         sin()

exp()     sqrt() 

floor()   SQRT1_2

LN10      SQRT2

LN2       tan()

log()     toSource()

LOG10E    toExpo­nen­tial()

LOG2E     toFixed()

max()     toPrec­ision()

MAX_VALUE toString()

MIN_VALUE valueOf()



JavaScript Booleans

toSource()     valueOf()



JavaScript Functions

decode­URI()           isNaN()

decode­URI­Com­pon­ent()  Number()

encode­URI()           parseF­loat()

encode­URI­Com­pon­ent()  parseInt()

escape()              String()

eval()                unescape()


Free Download: JavaScript Cheat Sheet 

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