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Anonymous Accuse CloudFlare For Helping ISIS Website

by Unallocated Author

CloudFlare is a company that provides performance and security to website owners through its intelligent global network.

After Anonymous take down 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts. They have accused CloudFlare company to stop protecting ISIS websites.

CloudFlare protect website from distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

After several Tweets from Anonymous hackers, CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince said that,

“Anonymous published a list of 40 sites that they alleged to be actual ISIS sites,”

“We ran that by law enforcement organizations and there was no request to take any of those sites off our network. In fact in some cases, they asked us specifically to keep those sites on our network.”

“We were quite surprised, not only to not have any orders to take any of the sites offline, but to see that actually a lot of the sites that Anonymous had identified actually weren’t related to ISIS at all. Some were Chechnyan rebel sites, some were Kurdish sites, some were Palestinian sites.”

“What they’re [Anonymous] really good at is knocking sites offline, except if they are behind CloudFlare,”

“So why they have a beef to pick with us is because we’re really good at stopping denial-of-service attacks.”

“I did see a Twitter handle said that they were mad at us,” he told The Register.

“I’d suggest this was armchair analysis by kids – it’s hard to take seriously. Anonymous uses us for some of its sites, despite pressure from some quarters for us to take Anonymous sites offline.”

“Even if we were hosting sites for Isis, it wouldn’t be of any use to us … I should imagine those kinds of people pay with stolen credit cards and so that’s a negative for us.”


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