FBI Used Malware On TorMail Users

TorMail is one of the most popular dark web email platform which was seized the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2013. As the researchers thought earlier that the FBI has used the NIT (network investigative technique) also to infect the users of the site .NIT is generally a term which refers to a hacking tool used by the FBI.

But now according to the Washington Post’s report it is proved that the FBI has also used the NIT to infect the users.The email service of Tor was allegedly used by fraudsters, child pornographers, drug vendors and Silk Road employees, says the Washington Post .

NUR ALS ZITAT Screenshot / Torproject

It is said that the bureau obtained a warrant for hacking certain email accounts, owned by people suspected to be involved in child pornography activities.This implies that the FBI was busy in targeting specific users instead of invading the privacy of innocent users.

In 2015 the FBI have deployed malware infections on at least 1000 computers, which were being used for visiting a particular child pornography website. This particular move was part of an extensive operation called Operation Pacifier.


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