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Fake CS:GO Multihacks Gets 3,000+ Users VAC banned

by Unallocated Author

A  Reddit user under the AndroidL has managed to get over 3,000 CS: GO players VAC banned by releasing a bunch of fake multihacks. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is an online first-person shooter developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation These fake hacks were designed  with hidden features that activated the Valve Anti Cheat program to kick in automatically just a little while after the hacks were installed and used.

AndroidL wrote in the official reddit site :

Over the course of two weeks I’ve released three different fake “multihacks”. Essentially they edit your view angles to those that should be impossible to get and constantly gives infinite ammo/health. The hacks also do a few other things that ensure a VAC ban would be received.

The first two releases had a “timer” in them which meant the features that instantly VAC banned them would only be activated after a certain time (e.g. 10 PM on the day after the release)… the final hack (with over 3.5k downloads) just instantly VAC bans them as soon as they open the hack and join a game.

In total, my fake hacks received 26,000+ views and 5,500+ downloads!


The first release by him received approximately 1k downloads, then he second release received approximately 1k downloads too which contributed to stopping the downwards trends on the number of bans received. Finally the third release received 3.5k+ downloads which had a very noticeable affect on bans for the following week (this one instantly banned them as soon as it was opened, 3,500+ downloads = 3,500+ bans).

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