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How to download Torrent file using Linux terminal

by Unallocated Author

Simple tutorial on how to download Torrent file using Linux terminal. All you need is Linux system and Internet to download files from online. In this tutorial I am using Debian 7 (64-bit). Simply follow few simple instructions step by step given below to download a torrent file using Linux terminal.

Downloading torrent file using Linux terminal:


  • Open Linux terminal
  • Install “rtorrent” using the command in terminal

    For debian based systems:

    sudo apt-get install rtorrent

    For fedora based systems:

    yum install rtorrent
  • After installing you need to open it on the terminal using the command “rtorrent”
  • Press “Enter” and it will “load.normal>” at the bottom of the Linux terminal
  • Now paste the torrent file URL and press “Enter”
  • After pressing the “Enter” button the torrent file will be loaded and will not download. To download it you need to press “Down” or “Up” arrow key to select the loaded torrent file and then press “Ctrl+S” to start the download.
  • The symbol ” * ” represent the selected torrent file.
  • Now your file will be downloading. To stop the download you need to press “Ctrl+D” and to quit from rTorrent press “Ctrl+Q”

Short video:

Hope you like this tutorial and one more thing before you leave, please seed at least half of the amount you download from torrent.

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