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Why Python is Favorite Programming Language of Hackers ?

by Unallocated Author

Many people learn Python specifically just for hacking and  when I first started with Python and moving from Java to Python personally felt a lot comfortable. When I needed to write a script which was not available on the internet I had to choose between Perl  and Python. Because Perl is another very popular open source interpreted programming language. When you google you will know that Python is a more popular programming language in hacking world. When compared to Perl, the Python programs are definitely clearer, simpler, easier to write and hence more maintainable and understandable.
If you are someone interested in tinkering with the information security tasks, Python is a  great language to learn because of the availability of the large number of reverse engineering and exploitation libraries for your use.

Why Python ?
Without developing some of the basic scripting skills, aspiring hacker will be condemned to realm of the script kiddie. This actually means you will be limited to using the tools that are developed by someone else, which actually decrease your probability of success and increases your probability being detected by antivirus (AV) software, intrusion detection systems (IDS), or law enforcement. With some scripting skills, you can elevate to a  professional hacker.
Python has some very important features which make it very useful for hacking, but probably most importantly, it has some pre-built libraries which provide some great functionality. Python comes with over 1,000 modules and many more are available in different other repositories.

So python is:
Simple:  Simple is better than Complex and Complex is better than complicated.
Can be both  simple and powerful.
Free, Open Source and a High-level Language.
Object Oriented Language and Interpreted Language.
Has a rich set of libraries.

If you want to excel you skills in Python language learning Black hat Python is your best bet

Apart from Python, there are many other languages like C and C++ which are very useful to become an efficient hacker. Since C is a low level language and a very powerful language.. it will be an excellent addition to your profile.

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