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Turkish Government Blocked Access To GitHub, OneDrive and Dropbox

by Unallocated Author

Turkey government blocked access to some hosting sites, such as OneDrive, Dropbox and GitHub, after a group of hackers leaked Turkish government emails, the media reported this Monday morning.

According to multiple media sources, a hacking group called RedHack recently started leaking emails from personal accounts of Energy Minister and President Erdoğan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak. The authenticity of ‘at least some of’ the emails has later been confirmed by a court in Turkish capital Ankara.

More than 57,500 stolen emails are shedding light on what’s being called a widespread campaign of propaganda and deception. TurkeyBlocks.org says the sites in question are issuing SSL errors, ‘ indicating intercepted traffic at the national or ISP level’. Microsoft removed the links to the emails cache, which resulted in a partial ease of the ban, it was said.

“The move to block the world’s most popular cloud services comes amidst growing calls in Turkey to build local versions of popular social media services – in July, far-right Turks called for the creation of a nationalised Turkish Twitter alternative to replace the US-based company’s services,” TurkeyBlocks.org writes.

In 2015 April, the country blocked access to YouTube and Twitter, following a hostage situation where images of an Istanbul prosecutor being held hostage circulated online.

There were also talks that social media was blocked during the recent coup attempts, as well, although nothing was confirmed.

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