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Hacker Accused Of A Lame Plan To Defraud Bank Out Of $1.5 Million

by Unallocated Author

Dwayne Cartouche Hans Jr (27 years old) from Washington has been accused of stealing $134,000 from a bank and trying to get another $1.5m after working out how to game the bank’s computer system and a government payment site. And that’s not all he has also being charged with computer and wire fraud and also money laundering charges.

Hans set up five accounts at an unnamed bank in March 2015 using his home internet account and giving his home address, date of birth, home phone number, and full name. He then illegally accessed two accounts at JP Morgan that were owned by the unnamed bank and transferred $134,000 into the account- According to court documents [PDF].

The stolen money was used to buy shares in blue-chip companies like IBM and Coca-Cola in his name, to funnel $7,500 into a property investment in New York, and also to pay the bill of someone Hans was friends with on Facebook.

The FBI claims that Hans went onto the website for the US General Service Administration System for Award Management (SAM) and tried to divert $1.52m from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (a pension-industry funded operation run by the government) into his own accounts. The email address used to gain credentials to the SAM site was [email protected].

Hans was arrested on Wednesday after a month of FBI surveillance and is being extradited to New York for trial.

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