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Our Phones are as Secure as the iPhone, Says A Google Engineer

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No electronic device is secure enough these days, even though companies invest quite a lot of money in security solutions meant to make their products impregnable to hacking. Security is also the main topic that Android and iOS fans usually like to debate.

Many security experts claim Android OS is a mess when it comes to security, but Google took huge steps towards improving privacy and security on devices that run its mobile platform.

The search giant now provides handset makers with monthly security updates that patch discovered bugs and issues that could be exploited if not addressed.

On the other hand, the iOS ecosystem is more secure, but less customizable and open for developers. The bottom line is you can’t have the best of both worlds yet, though Google claims that Android will soon have much more to offer than Apple’s iOS.

During an interview after a talk at a security conference, Adrian Ludwig, director of security at Android, said that “for sure” a Google Pixel and an iPhone are about the same when it comes to security.

He went on to say that Android will soon be better, though: “In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place.”

According to Ludwig, Android’s built-in security solution called “Safety Net” is now scanning 400 million devices per day. Moreover, the product can check no less than 6 billion apps per day, which is quite an achievement.

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