This Hacking Company Claims it can Hack any Smartphone on the Planet

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 If you followed the Apple and FBI fuss on hacking an iPhone 5Cused by one of the  San Bardino shooters, then you are very likely to hearabout the Israeli security firm Cellebrite. This firm is linked with FBI in their efforts to hack the iPhone.

At present Cellebrite is the company with the most advanced software that can hack any smartphone in the market. No matter the brand or model or even the security that it has, the company can hack and get access to the data. During a demonstration in  AFP, the company demonstrated how easily they can break into a phone.

One of the security researchers at Cellebrite recently hacked an LG G4 running latest version of Android in just a few seconds.  He managed to get access to photos as well as the location and also the time of each file. All this accessed data can be easily moved to a computer by the researcher.

The company explained that they can access pretty much any smartphone and they are not limited to just files. Leeor Ben-Peretz, one of the top executives in the company claimed that they can even recover the messages that are deleated from the device months ago and data that does not show up to the user.(Isn’t that distrubing ?)

“In some devices even when you format the device and thought that the data is gone, significant amount of data is still recoverable,” Ben-Peretz stated.

This is disturbing as most of the mobile manufactures especially Apple claim that their devices are “Hackerproof” and that they have invested millions of dollors into making their devices secure and safe.

Wait! Cellebrite says that there is no need for normal users to worry as they mostly work with governments helping them hack the iPhones of criminals. However they also accepted that they sold their software to some private firms doing investigations.

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