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India – 22 Year Old Indian Hacks PM Narendra Modi’s App

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According to a report by Your Story, a 22 year-old hacker Javed Khatri claimed that he was able to hack PM Narendra Modi app which is separate from the official app and is available on Android, iOS and Windows.

Javed Khatri in an email to Your Story, said, “I am able to access private data of any user on the app. The data includes phone number, email, name, location, interests, last seen etc.”

“I successfully managed to extract the personal phone numbers and email ids of ministers like Smriti Irani. Not only that, I can make any user on the platform follow any other user on the platform,” he added.

“This is just the summary of this huge security loophole which I want to report. The privacy of more than seven million users is at stake if this gets ignored.” he said

The 22 year old has no intention to misuse the data and just wanted to demonstrate how poor the security of the app is as it was easy for him to hack the app, he told the site.

He has also shared a couple of screenshots to prove the legitimacy of his hack. The screenshots show personal data of Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, the data was accessed via Narendra Modi app.

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