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How to Use Acunetix – A Web Vulnerability Scanner For Hackers

by Unallocated Author
A tool that is used to detect vulnerabilities in the web applications is known as a web vulnerability scanner.Acunetix s one of the famous web vulnerability scanners out there. It can be used to perform penetration testing against the detected issues and also during the scanning process, it can analyze the source code and pinpoint the exact line of code that has the vulnerability in it.
Acunetix scanning speed is really fast. It can crawl thousands of pages in just few minutes.
Here is the list of features it has to offer:
Site Crawler.
Target Finder.
Subdomain Scanner.
Blind SQL Injector
HTTP Editor
HTTP Sniffer
HTTP Fuzzer
Authentication Tester.
Web Services Scanner.
Web Services Editor.
Now let us see hoe we can make it work:

First download and install Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner on your computer.

(download link is at the end of this article)

Then open it.

Click on “New Scan“. A wizard window will appear.
Now enter the website address in the Website URL box. Then click on “Next >“.
Now select a scanning profile or you can leave it as default. Then click on the “Next >” button.
Then click on “Next >“.
Then configure the login details for password protected areas. If there no password required, then levae it as default and lcik on the “Next >” button.
It may show you additional hosts in the target website (see the above image), if you want to add those websites in the scan, then select those websites and click on “Finish“. Now the Acunetix should start scanning the target website. wait for completion…

If you want to know more about a vulnerability, and how to fix it, just click on the web alert.

There are also a lot of things you can do with this tool, but I’m not going into that now. Because I want you to explore this software yourself.

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