Samsung Is Planning To Release Two Different Types Of Foldable Smartphones

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Samsung seems to be determined to bring foldable smartphones to the market, but in order for its strategy to be successful, the company needs a very good plan. Luckily, that’s exactly what Samsung thinks, at least according to the latest reports from South Korea.

The Korean media reports Samsung has a “two-track strategy,” which will help the company transition its foldable smartphone to the market much more smoothly.

Basically, Samsung plans to launch two types of foldable smartphones and observe the customers behaviour towards them. If both prove to be popular, then the company will go ahead and start mass producing them.

Otherwise, it will just cut the failed model and keep releasing smartphones based on the other type of foldable handset.

Also, the first foldable smartphones from Samsung will be launched in 2017, but they will come in limited quantity since the South Korean company plans to test the market.

So, what exactly are these different types of foldable smartphones? Well, it appears that Samsung has already developed a dual-screen smartphone that uses a flat display on each side, while the other one will be a foldable smartphone that bends due to its single flexible OLED display.

Only the dual-screen model might make it to the market in 2017, while the truly foldable smartphone featuring a flexible OLED panel will be introduced sometime in 2018.

The dual-screen smartphone to be launched by Samsung in 2017 does not feature a flexible display, but it comes with a hinge in the middle. Since it doesn’t have a separate display when it’s folded, it looks more like a tablet when you open it.

The truly foldable smartphone that Samsung is going to launch in 2018, at the earliest, will come with innovative hardware developed by the South Korean company. As mentioned earlier, this phone’s display will be bendable.

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