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Ashley Madison Site has been fined with 1.6 Million Dollars

by Harikrishna Mekala

The Americas most successful dating website that helps to cheat on your life partner with your alter ego was fined with 1.6 Million Dollars for not protecting the user information of 36 Million users.

The company has accepted to pay the fine by extracting the fund from the parent company Ruby Corp.The settlement charges are charged by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) and The customers in 13 States are accusing that the company misleads about its privacy practices.

The company has even failed to delete the account information after the users who are regretted has paid 20$ for their complete removal of the accounts.

The website was also accused of creating fake accounts of female users which is one of devious effort to attract the new users.

But Ruby Corp which was called Avid Life denied the claim, which was renamed as RubyCorp, Some of the insights admitted that the Female users of Ashley Madison website are just some lines of code.

A group of hackers released Gigabytes of data which is critical to the internal operations of the website, The data also consists of Black Mail emails which even led to suicides.

Ruby Corp. was intended to pay a total of $17.5 Million fine — $8.75 million fine to the FTC and another $8.75 million to 13 states that also filed complaints — but the company can afford to pay just $1.6 Million fine.

“Today’s settlement closes an important chapter on the company’s past and reinforces our commitment to operating with integrity and to building a new future for our members, our team and our company,” Rob Segal, Ruby’s newly-appointed CEO, wrote in a blog post.

 Here are some orders placed by the Federal Court
  • Perform a risk assessment to protect customer data
  • Implement new data security protocols
  • Upgrade systems based on the assessments
  • Offer periodic security risk assessment (both internal and third-party)
  • Require “reasonable safeguards” against any potential cyber attacks from their service providers

The website was hacked in 2015 which resulted in leaked of First and Last names , passwords, credit card info’s transaction logs and email address.

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